- are you man enough ?















Thorkil Kirk Simonsen's  356      click picture

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            -  are  you  cool  ?                                             air - cooled                                        then  you  are  at  the  right  place  !

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Porsche 356 is timeless



creator of the 356

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Silverfox Racing Team



-  it's just like waiting for Christmas presents !

Claus Ebberfeld


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Shane Balkowitsch   click  photo

- once more Shane Balkowitsch   click photo

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-  Swedish roads, I like them, you don't even observe the bumps !

-  racing, that's what it's all about !

-  happy together, and his wife is lovely too !

-  we can sing just like Chris Rea,       -  driving home for Christmas

-  go for a ride ?, then buy a Porsche 356 for yourself !

-  knock on wood

-  Fritz, you are not going home before the car is ready to race !